lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

Actividad de apoyo al desempeño en el nivel 3

Ali and the magic carpet

One very hot day Ali finds a carpet in his uncle’s shop. What’s this? Suddenly the carpet jumps! It moves and flies in the air. Hey! What’s happening? A voice comes from the carpet “Oh master I am the magic carpet”.
First, they fly in the sky and land in the jungle. It’s hot and it’s raining.
Then, they fly to the desert. It’s very, very hot and dry. After that, they fly to the South Pole. There is lots of ice and snow. It’s freezing.
Then, he meets a lion in the fog. They fly to a forest. It’s very windy there. Then, they fly to an island in the sea. There is lighting and thunder. “Let’s go home” .Finally, they fly back home. What an adventure!

According to the text, match the pictures with the places. /De acuerdo al texto une las imágenes con los lugares.
Glosario: carpet:alfombra jungle:jungla desert:desierto South Pole:Polo Sur snow: nieve fog:niebla forest:bosque

En la jungla

En el desierto

En el bosque

En la isla

En el Polo Sur

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